Engage your Employees.
Automate improvement.
We're the leading Motivation
platform for restaurants.


Engaged Employees outperform non-engaged employees by +40%
We provide a Motivation Engine to automate improvement and increase performance.


We provide multi-unit restaurants with a Software-As-A-Solution (SaSS) Behavior Platform and Staff- facing App. Game-based, we use leading gamification and behavioral science to motivate and reward behavior that aligns with your business goals.


Create a Culture of Recognition in your Organization.  We provide an automated Recognition System to motivate and reward the correct behavior.

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We provide the system that connects every aspect of your business with our game- based platform. Drive improvement in Sales, Training, Operations, Compliance and Referrals.


We are experts in Gamficiation, POS Integration, Motivation and lastly Restaurants.  Solutions built specifically for Restaurants by people who understand Restaurants.


GuestEngine provides multi-unit restaurants a gamified SaaS (Software as a Service) Staff Engagement Platform and App, Guest Feedback/Surveys and Loyalty Programs.

Collectively our Management Team has over 35 years of Operational experience in the Hospitality Industry.

Founded in 2007, we provide integrated Engagement Programs for over 400 restaurants throughout North America.

Our Services


Need marketing support that isn’t exactly what we offer? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We pride ourselves on flexibility and the ability to adapt and provide new technology for your needs.

Account Management

Engage Staff and build loyalty with your Guests knowing that GuestEngine’s Account Management is a call away if you need any technical or program assistance.


GuestEngine provides your entire team the knowledge to design, build and maintain your loyalty programs for both Guests and Staff. From program design to implementation, we support our platform and your business as if it was our own.

POS Integration

Marketing + Big Data = POS Integration. Its not just a need anymore it’s a mandatory requirement. Leverage your POS system by adding powerful loyalty programs, coupon redemption/tracking, and a variety of additional features. Our open-ended platform can connect to any POS on the market.


How we can help you

We provide Multi-unit Restaurants a game-based Staff Engagement Platform that connects every aspect of your business to our Motivation Engine. Increase performance and sales by having an engaged workforce in addition to providing your Organization the system that recognizes Employees when they do something right. Not by coincidence, but as part of a process.

How we do it

Every successful program begins with your Employees. Want to drive loyalty memberships? Need more usage from your Guest Survey Programs? We offer one platform to engage your Staff and help you achieve goals in these areas:

  • Sales
  • Training
  • Operations

An employee that is engaged with their work cares about their company and the role they play in making them successful.

  • Create a culture of recognition in your workplace
  • Award staff for increasing sales/average check
  • Reward employees for participating in contests, training and creating new ideas
  • Allow staff to select priZing/rewards that are most meaningful to them in our Marketplace
  • Peer to Peer recognition

This same platform can also fulfill your Guest loyalty needs and provide:

  • Electronic coupon distribution and reminder notifications
  • Referral programs – let your Guests tell their friends about the great experience they have and encourage them to join your loyalty program
  • Collect guest feedback, including guest recovery tactics via manager notifications when a specific sentiment or score is provided by a guest

How it works
Connect and Gamify:

  • Guest Survey System
  • Operations
  • Peer to Peer Recognition
  • Social Referral Program
  • Leaderboards
  • Levels
  • Points
  • Badges


Do you need all of my sales data from my POS?

Yes. Its easier than getting pieces. But that can be done too.

Who keeps my data?

Our system uses only the data it requires to power the engagement/sales/contest mechanics of your program as well as any reporting on your campaign KPI’s. We can work with you to ensure data is only stored on our secure servers for as long as you wish.

Is my data safe?

Yes. We have worked with Billion dollar companies for the past 4 years.  All necessary security protocols and contracts are in place.

What if one of my employees quits or gets fired?

Every 30 days the system locks out any staff members who have not logged in, or for which we have not received any data for (from POS, Survey responses, etc.)

Who Manages the program?

We provide a dedicated Program Manager or you can do it yourself after training.

How many customers do you currently work with?

We are currently running programs for over 400 locations.

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We are also currently integrated with the following POS systems:

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How long have you been in business?

GuestEngine has been around for 8 years, 5 of those have been dedicated to building and running programs on this platform.

Is this platform anything like Badgeville (gamification co.)?

Our solution is built specifically for multi-unit restaurants. Our on-boarding, location/manager management, Social Referrals, Mobile Coupons and POS Integrations are what make it unique and specific to the restaurant industry.  These are features that are completely unique to our platform.

Is it an App or is it Web-based?

It is a Web-based app that can also be customized as a native/angular app to then be available to download to your phone.

What other costs will there be to run my program?

Below are optional program customizations which are available to you:

  • POS Integration: Approximate one-time cost of $1,500 – $3,500 (We can provide an estimate for you after an initial technical investigation call, however, from our experience the cost is typically under $5k)
  • Site Set-Up and Skinning: Approximate one-time cost of $1,500. This includes customizing colours and site design.
  • Program Management: Dedicated program support is available at a cost of $100/hour (We recommend 5-10 hours of support a month)