Guest Rewards


A mobile survey allows real-time customer feedback and works on any Smartphone or Desktop computer.

How it works:

  • Guests are prompted by in-store signage and on or with their Bill to complete the survey
  • Multiple guest engagement options which the platform and reporting can support:
    • Monthly Draw/Contests
    • Coupon delivery
  • Collection of store-specific reviews
  • Positive feedback allows guest to share a message on their own Facebook/Twitter pages and can prompt them to join your Loyalty Club or email list
  • Negative feedback initiates a “guest recovery” program via a manager notification system providing them with details of the experience and guest contact information
  • Reporting dashboard allows you to see overall response rates, scores and the ability to view details of all responses received
    • This can be sorted by date range, positive/negative rating, location, employee
    • Flexibility to set up Franchisee owner access to view reports for their location
  • Ability to display any guest verbatim comments to your employees
  • Reward employees for survey sentiment rankings


Integrated loyalty allows Guests to track purchases. Go beyond a simple punch-card, and reward each dollar spent. Create point multipliers to increase traffic on slow days and/or incent specific menu items. Know your customers dining habits and market to them based on data from our platform.

How it works:

Point-based program rewards your guests’ loyalty and their behaviour

  • Positive feedback
  • Sharing localized offers to their social networks
  • Purchases
  • Contests
  • Group/Team sponsorship
  • Referrals
  • Automated messaging – communicate with your customers via email and SMS

Know Your Guests – “Closing the Loop” results in a better understanding of your guests

  • Track redemption of unique offers/rewards down to the guest, the menu item and to the minute.
  • CRM of your Guests from multiple opt-in points (Members, Contests, Surveys, Referrals, etc…)
  • Enterprise platform designed for multi-unit chains to reflect your User-Access requirements: Head Office, Marketing, Regional Managers, Managers/Owners-Operators…

A Flexible Program

Point-based program rewards your guests’ loyalty and their behaviour

  • Customizable in look and feel. No two programs are the same.
  • No downloads required. Accessible on any device with internet access (Phone, Tablet, Desktop).
  • No additional hardware required.
  • POS Integration recommended, not required.

Social Referrals

Use social amplification to promote your brand and push your programs through branded Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS Sharing. Control shared messages with pre-canned text and images for each medium.

  • Maximize your marketing investment with social amplification
  • Control the message with pre-canned text
  • Integrates seamlessly with any loyalty program
  • Share analytics: see who shares what, where
  • Influencer reporting: see who is influencing the most social media traffic

How it works:

Let your guests spread the word for you!

  • Build staff & guest loyalty membership virally through powerful referral programs.
  • Create incentives to encourage existing members to bring in new members.
  • Design rewards contingent on activities like using a coupon on tracking a bill to ensure every new member is legitimate and valuable.