POS Integration

POS integration provides GuestEngine with your sales information to allow for the following:

  • PLU and category-based sales contests
  • Admin site access to reporting (including a comparison report to show you sales differences between staff who are registered and using the app versus non-participating staff) – a powerful ROI tool to assist with your marketing budgeting process
  • Guest Offers – facilitate the distribution of one-time use discount codes for guests to use at your location(s) and track the total sale amount for that visit – a great way to determine the effectiveness of your offers

How it works:

  • A secure FTP site is created for sales files to be uploaded (typically on a daily basis)
  • Files are picked up and uploaded by the GuestEngine system allowing for sales stats, reports and any Contest leaderboards to be updated
  • Monitoring system triggers email notifications in the even any files are not uploaded

Note: We would be happy to have an initial technical specifications discussion with members of your team to determine the right solution for you.