Staff Engagement Platform


Our eLearning system provides you with:

A powerful training medium – Direct connection to your employees’ phones allow ease-of-use for viewing training content, videos and quizzes.

A gamified program – Allows employees a chance to earn points for viewing Brand and Supplier content.

Crowdsourced training – Points can be awarded for User generated videos/content. Peers can vote on approved content.

Features & Advantages:

  • Real-time updates of course materials – push content to your employees quickly
  • Administrative access allows for full authoring of content, or, let us assist!
  • Content can include: text, images, videos, PDF’s
  • Quiz functionality allows you to put their knowledge to the test and display messaging back to coach them through their learning experience
  • How about linking to course content from relevant pages in the app – give your employees immediate access to the tools they need to complete their challenges, drive sales and provide excellent customer service.
  • Reward them with Points and/or Marketplace Bucks for course completion

Sales Contest

In today’s flat-to-no new sales climate the easiest way to increase sales is to steal market share from your competitors. UPcell allows you to increase sales without having 1 additional new guest walk through the door by marketing to your staff and incenting sales growth.

  • Provides a direct sales channel from you to your Staff
  • 200-300% increase in any menu item sales
  • 5% lift in menu category sales
  • Leverage Supplier dollars as you turn “Servers into Sellers”

How it works:
Reward employees based on any combination of:

  • Sales of a specific item(s)
  • Sales of products within a specific category
  • Percentage based sales (i.e. feature items sales as a percentage of either total or total category sales)
  • POS data is passed to GuestEngine and leaderboards are updated based on sales results for the specific item(s) and/or categories

Reward the top leaderboard position(s) with Marketplace Bucks to be used to redeem for Gift Certificate prizes in the Marketplace.

Voting Games

Let employees show you how they are using the tools, tips and tricks you are providing them with. A Voting Game can increase excitement for a particular contest and immerses them in the brand message by allowing an outlet for them to demonstrate their participation.

How it works:

  • Employees upload a picture or video (based on a topic/theme of your choosing)
  • All entries are displayed to fellow employees for viewing, commenting and/or voting
  • Award points for each of their entries and a chance at bonus points for every vote they receive
  • This is also a great way to generate crowdsourced content for training/education/tips and tricks for fellow employees

Peer Recognition

With the GuestEngine platform you can also allow managers and employees to recognize peers for their assistance or performance. Doing so contributes to a team environment that is sure to help motivate and excite!

How it works:

Employees can send a recognition to a fellow team member by:

  • Selecting the name from a pre-populated list of members at their location
  • Enter a personalized message
  • This recognition can be posted to a Message Wall for others to see
  • Reward staff members with Points for sending and/or receiving a recognition

Social Referrals

Social referrals allow you to:

Amplify your social reach – Leverage your Staff’s social networks with our Social Sharing programs. millions of free social impressions from your staff pushing out your Brand’s offers and promotions.

Create brand ambassadors – Turn every employee into your Chief Marketing Officer. An engaged employee one who cares about the success of the company they work for.

We also provide powerful analytics so you can understand who are your Brand Ambassadors within your employees and how they are impacting your Social ROI.

How it works:

  • Employees can view a page which provides them options to share a message through Facebook, Twitter, SMS and/or email
  • The message and images can be updated and edited real-time via an admin site
  • Reward employees with Points for sharing your message

Rewarding Activity in our Marketplace

Once you have rewarded staff for doing what you want them to do, why not reward them with immediate access to a wide selection of e-gift certificates? Through our integration with Tango Cards, we can offer a solution to facilitate the immediate distribution of staff rewards.

How it works:

  • Staff can earn “Marketplace Bucks” to redeem for prizes based on their participation, leaderboard position, etc.
  • Staff simply select the gift card they wish to redeem for and it will be emailed directly to them; reducing your stress and costs of delivering prizing
  • The immediacy of the reward is highly motivating and engaging!